So far Boatshed has sold over 20,000 boats by matching buyers with boats. Why has Boatshed been so successful, whats their secret?

  • Their bespoke software searches for customers whose profile match your boat
  • 880,000 potential registered buyers to choose from!
  • 70+ Boatshed locations around the world
  • 140+ Professional brokers
  • specialist marketing team who concentrate on matching customers to boats.
  • Busy website with over 280,000 unique visitors per month
  • Full boat details including videos, VR Virtual reality and unlimited 100 photos.

Average viewing ratio 1.5

With an average 1.5 viewings per boat before its sold, which sounds low, but is a great measure on how successful they are in finding buyers. So don’t be disappointed in low viewing figures as Boatshed brings quality leads not quantity to help sell your boat.

What's the secret to selling so many boats?

Boatshed has over 70 locations world-wide, I've attended one of their in-depth three day induction training for new yacht brokers, to how Boatshed works, plus there's access to on-line support and experts to help them through with any queries.

Boatshed have a dedicated team just for marketing boats who work hard to match the right customers to boats.

It seems Boatshed never sits still, as soon as your boat goes live on their website, they do the first marketing campaign for that boat, they don't wait for buyers to contact them, so they don't waste anytime in finding potential highly profiled buyers.

Keeping you up to date...

Each month Boatshed brokers send out a personalised update with stats on showing you how many customers are looking at your boat for sale.

Boatshed's super keen on keeping in touch with boat Owners even if progress is slow, they're passionate about keeping Owners up to date with progress.

An extra bonus of listing your boat with Boatshed for sale is that you can enter your boat into their auction for free.

All you need to do is to complete the entry form, set a reserve and clever algorithms will highlight potentially interested buyers from millions of boat viewings that the Boatshed systems collect and then match these buyers to your boat. You can bid with the confidence that each boat can be surveyed and sea trialled before you make the final decision to purchase.